Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Huawei E3531 HSPA+ 21.6Mbps USB Surfstick

Huawei E3531 comes available in 4th Quarter of 2013, as a new surf stick on the market. Huawei E3531 is mainly for Germany operators. Depending on the rate and network environment, the download speeds could reach up to 21.6 Mbit/s and upload speeds achievable could reach to 5.76 Mbps. The features are similar to HUAWEI E3131, which is already available in the market since 2012.   Basic functions The Huawei E3531 offers dual-band UMTS (900/2100 MHz) and quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). The HUAWEI E3531 is SIM card unlocked and free for any operators. So the E3531 modem could be used in most countries in Europe, but only in the U.S. and parts of Asia, the HUAWEI E3531 can’t be used. With dimensions of 84x27x10, 5 mm, and weight of only 30 grams, the E3531 stick is very compact and slim, which makes it eas to take in hand or pocket when travelling.  Huawei E3531 has a connector for an external antenna, it helps user to get better signal strength in rural area where lower signal.   Connects In 15 seconds The Huawei E3531 HSPA+ Surfstick software is supplied with the Huawei HiLink, which allows operation without additional software. Only drivers will be installed at the first plugging to the computer, all operating systems are supported on Windows XP/SP3. The complete configuration is done via a web interface in the browser. HiLink Another advantage of the software: after plugging to PC for about 15 seconds, Huawei E3531 would automatically connect to the internet and PC can start surf freely. The E3531 can work with almost all sim cards completely, what’s more, the Huawei E3531 can auto setup the APN and automatically configures itself accordingly. Only the SIM PIN must be entered.     Available from the end of 2013 Huawei E3531 HSPA+ delivers the surf stick from the 4th Quarter of 2013 to the market. Here, the modem will be available in black and white colors and costs very few, unsubsidized and free for all SIM cards, of course. As an alternative, the Huawei E3331 (smallest surf stick in the world) has similar features and is already available.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Huawei B593 B593s-22 4G LTE Router Review

If LTE signal is already available in your area and you want to maximize the fast speed for 150Mbps, the Huawei B593 4G Router might be the best device to deploy this. We had the LTE CPE B593 for about a few months and have tested it with Vodafone and Telekom 4G LTE networks (more often with Vodafone), not matter it has weak or no LTE signal in the house, condo and the office). The model number is B593s-22. Just like HUAWEI E5172, it’s a 4G LTE Category 4 WiFi Router. The device B593 is with HUAWEI logo and no operator’s logo can be found.  So it is unlocked, we’re able to use it with local carriers. We’ve also tried the 3G/HSPA+ WiFi router (Huawei B683) before and have been well satisfied with it. Now the 4G LTE networks provide much faster connection speed and surfing experience, it’s time to use a 4G device to enjoy the great speed.   We used the Vodafone Prepaid LTE and Telekom prepaid SIM card, they both worked fine on Huawei B593 4G LTE Router. The SIM card slot is at the bode side of Huawei B593, below the SIM card slot, it’s the power button.   On the other side of the router, there are two buttons for WPS and Reset. WPS is to protect the WiFi security and Reset is help use to reset the settings to factory default. Aside from the 4 LAN ports at the back, there’s also a USB 2.0 port so you can attached a HDD or flash drive for access to network storage. And there are two analog telephone ports beside the LAN ports. User can connect two telephones to this device. For better signal strength, there are two plugs for external antennas to boost the signal in HUAWEI B593. If there’s no LTE in the area, LTE CPE B593 will switch to HSPA+/HSPA/3G automatically and work on the best networks available. We went to test out the connection via Speedtest.net and got pretty good results. The device is available on 4gltemall.com but if you also need the external 4G antenna, it is sold separately for on 4gltemall.com with good price. To buy them together, you will get some discount.  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

4G Surfstick/Internet Stick/Mobile Hotspot/Router for Belgium

You may want to enjoy the 4G LTE networks in Belgium, but if you are in trouble to choose the wireless terminals to access the 4G network, below the guide may help you:   First, you need to know the 4G LTE operators and their LTE frequency bands in Belgium, per our information, the main 4G operators and LTE Frequency bands in Belgium is as below:  
  1. b-lite, TDD Band 42 (3500MHz)
  2. BUCD BVBA, TDD Band 38 (2600MHz)
  3. Base, FDD Band 3/7 (1800/2600MHz)
  4. Mobistar, FDD Band 3/7 (1800/2600MHz)
  5. Proximus, FDD Band 3/7 (1800/2600MHz)
  The five operators support the total four LTE Frequency bands (band 3/7/38/42 ). Now if you are using the SIM card from b-lite, there is very few suitable device to support this band. But if you are using the BUCD BVBA contract, you need to find the 4G Surfstick, 4G internet stick, 4G Router or 4G mobile hotspot that can support the band 38 and you will make a great step to access internet. The band 38 is based on TD-LTE technology and few LTE networks are using TDD technology. So you can check below the recommend 4G Surfstick, 4G internet stick, 4G Route and 4G Mobile Hotspot for BUCD BVBA. 4G Surfstick/Internet stick for BUCD BVBA
  1.  Huawei E392u-21
  2. Huawei E392u-92
  3. Huawei E398s-81
  4. ZTE MF880
  5. ZTE MF821S2
  6. ZTE MF820S2
  7. ZTE MF825
  8. Quanta 1K3M
  9. ZTE MF820T
  4G Mobile Hotspot for BUCD BVBA
  1. Huawei E5776s-22
  2. Huawei E5776s-860
  3. ZTE MF91T
  4. ZTE MF91S
  5. China Mobile CM510
  4G Router for BUCD BVBA
  1. HUAWEI B593s-22
  2. HUAWEI B593s-82
  3. Huawei B880
  4. ZTE MF28G
  5. ZTE MF29S2
  6. ZTE MF29T
  For the rest three operators, users just need to find the LTE devices to support Band 3 or Band 7 or them together. And as the most commonly deployed frequency bands all over the world, there are many devices available to support the providers. Below are the recommend 4G Surfstick/Internet stick, 4G Mobile Hotspot and 4G Router for the operator BASE, Mobistar, Proximus.   4G Surfstick for BASE/Mobistar/Proximus
  1. Samsung GT-B3730
  2. Huawei E392 (E392u-12, E392u-6, E392u-21, E392u-22)
  3. Huawei K5150 (Vodafone, unlocked )
  4. Huawei K5005 (Vodafone, Unlocked )
  5. HUAWEI E398 (E398u-1, E398u-15, E398u-18, E398u-11, E398s-81)
  6. Huawei E3276 (E3276S-150, E3276S-151, E3276s-152, E3276S-861, E3276S-210, E3276S-601)
  7. Huawei K5007 (Vodafone )
  8. ZTE K5008Z(Vodafone, Unlocked)
  9. Alcatel One Touch L800
  10. Alcatel One Touch W800
  11. ZTE MF880
  12. ZTE MF825
  13. ZTE MF820
  14. ZTE MF821
  15. ZTE MF821D
  16. ZTE K5006Z (Vodafone, Unlocked )
  17. Sierra Aircard 320u
  4G Router for BASE/Mobistar/Proximus
  1. HUAWEI B593u-12
  2. HUAWEI B593s-22
  3. HUAWEI B890-75
  4. Vodafone B2000
  5. ZTE MF25D
  6. ZTE MF28B
  7. ZTE MF28G
  8. ZTE MF29S2
  9. ZTE MF28D
  10. Netgear MVBR1517
  11.  ZyXEL LTE6100
    4G Mobile Hotspot for BASE/Mobistar/Proximus
  1. HUAWEI E5776s-32/E5776S-22/E5776S-860
  2. Huawei E589u-12
  3. Huawei R210 (Vodafone, Unlocked )
  4. ZTE MF91
  5. ZTE MF91D
  6. ZTE MF910
  7. ZTE MF90
  8. ZTE MF97S
  9. ZTE MF93E
  10. ZTE R212 (Vodafone, Unlocked)
  11. Alcatel One Touch Y800
  12. Sierra Wireless 760S
  From above 4G device, we can find the best 4G surfstick/Internet stick for Belgium is HUAWEI E392u-21, ZTE MF880, MF825. The 4G Mobile Hotspot for the operator is HUAWEI E5776s-22 and the 4G Router for Belgium is HUAWEI B593s-22, ZTE MF28G.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Huawei E5220 HSPA+ WLAN Router Test

Huawei E5220 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is a small mobile pocket router that can forward the UMTS internet connection via WiFi for up to 10 devices simultaneously. In comparison with other portable Wi-Fi hotspots, we will soon find out that the Huawei E5220 without contract belongs to the best devices of its kind. With the low weight of only 66 grams and dimensions of 90 mm x 56 mm x 14.4 mm, Huawei E5220 is a unique mobile hotspot. And the price of Huawei E5220 is good, so how does the price affect the performance? Let’s have a look at the result of HUAWEI E5220 test.


HSPA+ up to 21.6 Mbit/s


Following the Huawei E5 series, Huawei E5220 also works both in GSM network and the UMTS network, LTE is not supported. In the UMTS network, the download speed of up to 21.6 Mbit/s via HSPA+ is available, of course, it depends on the configuration and utilization of the network. In the test, we use the HUAWEI E5220 under the Vodafone network, a maximum speed of 14 Mbit/s downstream and 3.3 Mbit/s upstream; while with the network of Deutsche Telekom, the speeds 4.2 Mbit/s for downstream and 4.1 Mbit/s for Upstream were possible. The ping times were at 35 - 80 milliseconds over UMTS, depending on network and usage. The usable frequency bands are the 900 and 2100 megahertz with UMTS/HSPA+, and 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for GSM/EDGE.


  Four status LEDs on the front panel next to the Power button indicate the current operating status. Further information can be obtained only through the web UI of Huawei E5220, more on that. The connection to the computer via Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz band, up to 72 MBit/s is supported (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n). Even if you are not too far from the router, the full 72 Mbit/s WLAN connection speed can’t come true at the terminal.  

Only 3 hours battery life


The size of HUAWEI E5220 is very slim and in pocket size. The battery of Huawei E5220 removable and the capacity is only 1150 mAh, so in the test, the working time only lasts just under 3 hours at use in the train and at stationary use. On the other hand , the expensive 4G Mobile devices like the Huawei E5776  offer up to 10 hours. Positive note, the battery is easily replaceable and can therefore be replaced with a defect without effort.

The operation of the Huawei E5220 hotspots is normally done via a web interface in the browser. There, next to the SIM pin, for example, network technology (automatic, 2G only, 3G only) or the provider could be selected. Information is also available about data volume and the online time. For smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system or iOS, an app is also available, which also presents the most common settings and information.

Conclusion: simple mobile WiFi hotspot


After the test, one thing is certain: Those who seeks extras like an external antenna port or a slot for memory cards, the Huawei E5220 is definitely wrong model because E5220 has not the external antenna connector and the SD card slot. But for those who want to surf high speed on UMTS, not LTE, Huawei E5220 is definitely worth a look: price, size and weight are unbeaten so far, as well as our Pocket WiFi column shows.  


Here now, Huawei E5220 is already branded for the operator Vodafone, the model number is Vodafone R206. If you want the branded E5220, Vodafone R206 is a good option for you.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Huawei E586 3G Mobile WiFi Installation and Setup

Huawei E586 Installation   1) Remove the battery from the router and plug the SIM card into the router, and then plug the battery back in place. 2) Turn on the router and wait for few second, your SIM card operator will appear on the display. 3) Find the SSID of your HUAWEI E586 on the wireless network list, and press the Create Connection:     4) Enter the password for the wireless network, which is at the back of the rear cover to the router. 5) Your router is now connected, and displays connected status and data transfer speed on the display.     Resetting the E586 router HUAWEI E586 router can be reset by removing the back cover, hold a sharp object and press until the router off, the reset button is at the left side of the Power button.     Deactivate the PIN   Want to beat the PIN from your router so that it can be connected without PIN, do as follows: 1) Go to your router's setup page and enter admin in the Password field.     2) Go to Settings> Advanced Settings> Managing PIN Set PIN code function to Deactivate and enter the PIN. 3) Now press Apply.     Changing the WiFi channel   In areas with many wireless networks at the same time, and it maybe need to change the radio channel (frequency).   1)     Go to your router's setup page and enter admin in the Password field.   2)     Go to Settings -> WLAN -> Advanced WLAN settings, and set channel either to a high channel (11-13) or to a low channel (01-03). 3)     Then press Apply.     Opening the gates   You have static IP and need to open the IP traffic on specific ports to your router from the outside, follow below the guide: 1)     Go to your router's setup page and enter admin in the Password field.     2)     Go to Settings> Security> Firewall contact, uncheck Enable Firewall and Disable WAN Ping     3)     Go to Virtual Server and press the Add button. Enter the rule for the open port, and press OK.     4) Press Apply. The specified port is now open and you can receive traffic on this port from the Internet.  

Huawei E5170 Home Net Box for T-Mobile Austria

Since September 2013, the Austrian provider T-Mobile offered a powerful new LTE router Home Net Box. The device is a combination of stationary and mobile router, and is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The factory model number is Huawei E5170s-22, which was already shown in February 2013 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With peak speed of up to 150 MBit/s for downsteam (LTE Category 4), T-Mobile Home Net Box is one of the fastest home wireless routers available on the market. Built-in rechargeable battery and docking station T-Mobile Home Net Box Huawei E5170s-22 basically consists of two parts: the actual router with integrated modem and the wireless module for up to 32 wireless devices, as well as a docking station that supplies the router with power and also has an Ethernet LAN interface.   A special feature is the built-in battery in the T-Mobile Home Net box. This enables wireless operation without docking station for up to 2.5 hours, just as you would expect the E5170 working as a 4G router. The operation is normally via a web interface, so the browser of any terminal is possible. The configuration via the Huawei Mobile WiFi app is also possible. Fast modem with LTE As we can see, there is a "s-22" in the model number, Huawei 's subsidiary HiSilicon chipset is integrated inside the Huawei E5170s-22 modem. This supports cellular standards GSM, UMTS and LTE. In the fourth generation, wireless network connection of up to 150 Mbit/s for the downlink and up to 50 Mbit/s for the uplink are possible because of the LTE Category 4 can be used . Over UMTS, the maximum downlink speed of 42.2 Mbit/s are achievable, provided the network with DC-HSPA+ is equipped.   If the reception is poor, two external antenna connectors are ready for LTE or UMTS external antennas to be connected. The connection would be much helpful for computers, tablets and other devices via Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and the surfing speed could reach up to 300 Mbit/s, unfortunately, neither the 5 GHz band, nor the fast Gigabit 802.11ac Wi-Fi is supported. We believe the HUAWEI E5170 is not introduced by only T-mobile Austria; the 4G LTE Cat4 Router E5170 would be in many operators’ product range.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HUAWEI B683 3G Router Setup Guide for Network Connection

Huawei B683 Setup Introduction  This guide explains how to setup your HUAWEI B683 3G router with the ability to share the Internet connection among multiple computers. Once you have completed the instructions, the router can log onto the internet and you will be able to connect your computers wirelessly to the router. Log in to the router's control panel. Open a web browser and open the following address: Select the following: User Name: admin Password: admin Click on "Login". Enter your PIN, click "Connection" in the control panel's left side Enter the PIN code, which is printed on the plastic card where the SIM card was sitting. The "Save PIN Code" can advantageously be selected, otherwise you need to log in to your router's control panel and enter the PIN code every time if the router has been disconnected. Not all models support this feature. In this case, you can disable the PIN code on the SIM card (see description further along in the manual). Click "Apply".     Set up the Internet connection and the internal wireless network Click on the "Settings" at the top. Click on the "Quick Setup" in the control panel's left side. Click the "Next" button to start the setup wizard. Verify the following: Profile Name: B683 Dial-up Number: *99 # User Name: <efterlades blank> Password: <efterlades blank> APN: Check to your SIM card provider and enter the APN here IP Address: <Dynamic> Click on the "Next" button.     (1) APN = Access Point Name Depending on which APN you choose, you have different visibility (IP address and ports available) compared to the rest of the Internet. Other settings: Authentication: CHAP+PAP Connection Mode: Auto Under Connection Mode can be selected "Manual". With this option, you must log into the router's control panel and connect the connection each time if the router has been disconnected. Click on the "Next" button.   Select the following: Name (SSID): The name of the B683 router's wireless local area networks (2) SSID Broadcast: Enabled (3) Click on the "Next" button. (2) To be selected on all the computers that will be connected to the Huawei B683 wirelessly. (3) The B683 is visible in a radius up to 100 meters.   Select the following: Encryption Mode: WPA2-PSK WPA Encryption: AES + TKIP WPA Pre-Shared Key: code of your choice (4) Click on the "Next" button. Review your selections and exit the wizard by clicking "Finish". The router now connects to the Internet and you can continue the installation on your computers with wired (LAN) or wireless (WLAN).   (4) Wireless key must be entered on each computer and then connect to the router wirelessly. Changing the WiFi code of HUAWEI B683   To change the WiFi code on your HUAWEI B683, start by opening your internet browser, you can uses Internet Explorer to show how to do.   Step 1:  Enter "" in the address field   Step 2: Login and enter "admin" into the password   Step 3: Locate the "Settings"   Step 4: Find "WLAN" and "WLAN Basic Settings"   Step 5: In the "WPA Pre-Shared Key", enter your new personal code and press "Save Settings" at the bottom

Monday, December 16, 2013

HUAWEI E5372 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot Test

Since we get the Huawei E5372 recently, we have another 4G mobile router in the test now. The Huawei E5372 is the little brother of the successful Huawei E5776 4G Mobile WiFi, and offers some improvements technically compared to other models tested before. The improvements includes, for example, supporting Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz range and a repeater function. The Huawei E5372 modem is already known by many operators: it offers 2G GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE (Category 4 of up to 150 megabits per second for download). Huawei E5372 is a quite cheap LTE Category 4 Hotspot, even cheaper than the Vodafone branding model (the name is Vodafone R215). Now you can get the HUAWEI E5372 on 4gltemall.com . The Huawei E5372 4G Router comes in a small cardboard box, which itself contains a micro USB cable and a quick guide next to the device. The E5372 can get power supply directly from the USB cable when connecting it with PC, or use a power adapter to charge power. However, the capacity of 1780 mAh battery is really disappointing when most of the 4G mobile hotspots are using battery of more than 3000mAh currently.     The first impression of Huawei E5372 is good. The optional white or black plastic is dull and does not attract fingerprints, the weight is 130 grams and the dimensions are quite pleasant with a 99 mm x 62 mm x 14 mm, which is very compact for an LTE-capable device. On the front, a small OLED display is placed, which displays all the important information and also allows certain settings in combination with the power button and the side menu button.
Manufacturer: Huawei
Model Name E5372 (E5372s-32)
Technologies LTE (4G) UMTS (3G) GSM (2G)
Frequencies * 4G LTE: 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz* 3G UMTS: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz* 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Maximum speeds * LTE: 150 Mbit/s down, 50Mbit/s up* UMTS: 42.2 Mbit/s down, 5.76 Mb/s up (when using DC-HSPA+)* GSM: 384 kbit/s (when using EDGE )
Wireless * 802.11b/g/n up to 300 Mbit/s* 2 × 2 MIMO* both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz repeater mode
Chip & Software * Chipset: HiSilicon V7R1 with Balong710 modem* firmware version:* Software Version:
Other Features * MicroSD slot up to 32 GB* 2x External antenna connector( type TS-9 )* display 128 × 128 pixels * Removable Battery 1780mAh
  Also on the side, there are two antenna connectors of type TS-9, so the Huawei E5372 is the first LTE Category 4 mobile Wi-Fi router with external antennas to be fully compatible 2 x 2 MIMO data transmission. Also a MicroSD slot for memory cards of up to 32GB is installed at the side of SIM card slot. Unlike HUAWEI E5776, the battery of HUAWEI E5372 is removable, user need to insert SIM card and cover the battery, then the device is working. Someone may ask where to buy HUAWEI E5372 Antenna, actually, we have already 4G LTE antenna (TS-9) from HUAWEI available on 4gltemall.com .  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Huawei AF23 Surf stick Dock/Router Test

After a long time, HUAWEI offered a new router again-- the AF23, which can help a number of users to surf the Internet with Huawei 3G & 4G surf sticks via LAN or WLAN. Huawei AF23 has no built-in modem, so it must operate with a USB surf stick. We must pay attention to the highest possible speed of the HUAWEI AF23: the amazingly small router provides speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s over Wi-Fi and it’s also suitable for excellent Huawei E3276 LTE sticks.

Included a USB cable and a power adaptor, Huawei AF23 is not expensive as a wireless router. Huawei AF23 is not integrated with a battery which keeps the price low, but the HUAWEI AF23 can’t work as mobile 4G router like HUAWEI E5776. So it’s better to use the HUAWEI AF23 as a stationary router. The English Short Guide describes the basic features, no further information is provided.      


Huawei AF23 supports two modes of operation:  

  1. Work as pure access point with the DSL or cable connection via WAN port on the back
  2. Operation with USB surf sticks to access the wireless Internet


Normally, it’s easy to let HUAWEI AF23 working as 4G wireless router if you have a 4G Surfstick: simply plug a Huawei surf stick into the router, wait a few seconds and then you can connect via LAN or WLAN to the internet. The APN will be entered only in rare cases, most SIM card and network provider are detected automatically. If some adjustments are necessary, user can enter the web UI ( in the browser and change the parameter accordingly.



Like other routers, Huawei AF23 LTE Sharing dock also shows the important information such as the data consumption and reception strength about the mobile Internet. But the exact radio technology (only 2G, 3G or 4G) cannot be seen through this router. Nevertheless, the usual settings about the encryption can be made, and also an FTP server can be configured when using a memory card to the USB port instead of a surf stick.


The speeds of Huawei AF23 are amazing and convincing in every respect. This is evident for connecting to the internet: after 20-25 seconds, the router is connected to the Internet. Wherever many networks are available, HUAWEI AF23 will always choose the fastest network.  In the test with Huawei E3276, the Vodafone LTE network was connected in almost 20 seconds. At the same time, we test with the Huawei E3331, which takes only took a little longer to connect to the Telekom UMTS network. The integrated Wi-Fi module, unfortunately only works in the 2.4 GHz band and abandoned the use of the 5 GHz range. For the use of LTE Category 3, the almost perfect downlink speed could reach up to 90 Mbit/s in my test under Deutsche Telekom LTE network. But when working with AF23, the speed could up to 300Mbps via WiFi.    


The range of the wireless network from HUAWEI AF23 could cover around 50meters, which is suitable for a small house or a bigger apartment with thick walls. LEDs on the AF23 dock router indicate the current operating status, so users can have a quick glance whether the device is connected to the Internet and working normally.


All in all, Huawei AF23 is a good WiFi router. The unit does exactly what it should do: to provide the Internet connection with a USB surfstick to support multiple devices quickly and easily surf. There are no compatibility issues there: all Huawei surf sticks manufactured since middle of 2009 are supported, future models can easily be added via firmware update.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Huawei E3531 New 3G Hilink USB Stick Available

On September 8th, 2013, A Surf Stick from HUAWEI comes to our eyes with white color. The model number is HUAWEI E3531. As a global leading provider of information and communication equipments, HUAWEI has release various 3G wireless USB stick with better and better technology and performance. Huawei E3531 is another model ease of use through plug and play, and supports mobile Internet with HSPA+ speed up to 21mbps.


Connects in few seconds without setup  


If you have a wireless USB Stick, it’s better to quickly and easily connect with a desktop, laptop or Ultrabook and surf the Internet in high speed. The powerful HUAWEI E3531 is exactly this kind of USB Stick. Without driver installation, the HiLink technology in HUAWEI E3531 ensures an Internet connection in less than 15 seconds. The surf stick is simply plugged into the USB port of your notebook or PC and go. The small weight of only 30 grams and 84 x 27 x 10.5 mm size offers surfing fun for Windows ® XP, Windows ® Vista, Windows ® 7 and Windows ® 8; For the connection, HUAWEI E3531 could work on 3G (UMTS ) with HSPA+ up to 21 Mbit/s and 2G ( GSM, GPRS and EDGE). The 3G Supported UMTS frequency bands are 900 and 2100 MHz and 1900/1800/900/850 MHz for 2G. The multi-colored LED display shows the current status of the reliable connection.

"The Huawei E3531 is a surf stick that is ready for use through plug and play in a few seconds. We offer our customers a product available that can go on the road with the fast, reliable and easily online, "says Lars-Christian Weisswange, executive vice president of the Consumer Business Group at Huawei Technologies. As the partner model of HUAWEI E3531, the HUAWEI E3131 is one of the best sellers for 3G HSPA+ 21Mbps USB Stick.  


However, this is not the end, here now we also get the unlocked Hilink USB Stick for DC-HSPA+ 42Mbps: HUAWEI E3251. It’s the fastest 3G USB Stick now with the best design. If you want to high speed and better surfing experience, HUAWEI E3251 would be considerable. Anyhow, HUAWEI USB Sticks are a series of reliable Surf stick on the go.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vodafone R215 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot Review

Vodafone R215 LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Router is the successor to the Vodafone R210 router. The device is manufactured by Huawei and again technically similar to the Huawei E5372 4G LTE Category 4 Mobile Hotspot, where Vodafone has naturally customized not only the exterior but also the firmware. Vodafone R215 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is a new LTE Category 4 Mobile Router, which allows data rates of up to 150 megabits per second for downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s for upstream. All three LTE Frequency bands used in Germany (800, 1800 and 2600 MHz) are supported.


Replaceable battery and memory card


Just like almost of the LTE surf sticks, the R215 mobile Wi-Fi router can be common to insert a microSD memory card. The data stored on it could be shared to all devices that are connected to the hotspot R215 under request. Compared to other Vodafone LTE hotspot, Vodafone R215 has a special feature; it is the removable battery that can be replaced quickly. The R210’s battery can’t be removed or replaced. Unfortunately, the capacity of 1780 mAh is not very high, which can keep continuously operating up to 6 hours.




Technically speaking, a modem chipset of Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon is included in the Vodafone R215, which not only supports LTE with up to 150 Mbit/s, but also works on DC-HSPA+ network in the UMTS, and the EDGE/GSM network are backward. If the Vodafone R215 is working in areas with poor reception, user can be strengthen the signal through two external 4G antennas; through the two ports, the R215 Hotspot will even support MIMO in LTE network.  


The Vodafone R215 LTE hotspot router will come soon in Germany on the market; the prices are not yet known. But if you like HUAWEI brand, it would be better to take HUAWEI E5372, the E5372 is SIM unlocked and would support most of 4G networks and 4G operators in Europe and Asia. Here now, the HUAWEI E5372 is available on www.4gltemall.com . If you can’t wait to enjoy the 4G 150Mbps, HUAWEI E5372 is a one of the great hotspot for you.    

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Unlock Netgear Aircard 340u

If you have a locked Netgear Aircard 340U, when your plug other carriers’ SIM card, the Aircard Watcher will show the error message “incorrect SIM”. So if you want to use with other carriers’ SIM card, you’d better to unlock it. But most of users don’t know how to unlock it. Below are the two methods to unlock the Aircard 340U. One is free but the order is not free.


Method 1: – Not free

  1. Download the DC-unlocker from here: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads/get/FwREimE3 and install it on your PC
  2. Plug the locked Aircard 340U to your PC and run the Dc-unlocker to detect it
  3. Create an account in the DC-unlocker and unlock it



However, the unlock service is not free, and user need buy credits to unlock the Aircard 340u. This is the fastest way to unlock Aircard 340U. But if you don’t want to pay for the unlock service. You can follow below the method to unlock it.    


Method 2: -- Free  


1. Plug your Aircard 340u to your PC and install the Aircard Watcher.


2. Contact your service provider and request the MEP code (8 digit number) for the AirCard. Only the provider that the device is locked to can provide the MEP code. Insert a SIM card from a different service provider, plug in your AirCard and open AirCard Watcher. The MEP Locked dialog box will open.


3. Enter the MEP code (8 digit number) into the text box and click Send.

4. The message ‘Pin verified’ will be displayed on the Watcher status section if the correct MEP has been sent.  Please note the SIM will become permanently locked if more than 5 incorrect attempts are sent.

5. Once the PIN has been verified, the new SIM will be detected and your Aircard 340u will be able to connect to the carrier network.    

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Difference Between HUAWEI E5776 and E5372

With the 4G LTE network development, more and more 4G LTE Category 4 devices are available. HUAWEI is always leading the mainstream of LTE trend. And more and more Huawei wireless devices are available. Today, we will have a look at the Huawei E5776 and Huawei E5372 4G mobile WiFi hotspot, the two very powerful mobile and wireless routers. They are both available on the 4gltemall.com now. You may wonder where the exact advantages and disadvantages of each device are, you will see the details in following article. A common feature is the integrated cellular modem: both the HUAWEI E5776 and the HUAWEI E5372 is based on HiSilicon Hi6920 chipset which is for the LTE Category 4 with up to 150 MBit/s download speed. In addition, the modem is backward compatible with UMTS DC-HSPA+ technology and including GSM/EDGE.   Differences  As we can see, the Huawei E5776 is in black color and made of plastic, but in China, the model HUAWEI E5776 is in white; and you can also see the Huawei E5372 is either black or white appearance, and with removable battery. This has some advantages, but the capacity of the E5372 battery is only 1780 mAh, which seems too much lower compared to 3000 mAh of HUAWEI E5776. This becomes apparent in the operating time: Huawei E5776 provides up to 10 hours of wireless Internet access, about 4 hours more than the E5372. As the table shows, there is another difference: the Huawei E5372 wireless module transmits as desired in either the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz range. Especially for large events with dozens of Wi-Fi networks so you have an advantage with the E5372, because the terminals of course also support the 5 GHz band. Furthermore, a repeater mode has been integrated in the E5372, so you can also use a different wireless network for Internet access when needed. Both devices have a limitation of connecting up to 10 WiFi users, in addition, an eleventh device can access the Internet with the MiFi router via USB cable.
Model Huawei E5776 Huawei E5372
LTE Network Category 4, 150 Mbit/s for Dowload and 50 Mbit/s for Upload.Frequency: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
UMTS DC-HSPA+ up to 42.2 Mbit/s for Download und 5.76 Mbit/s for Upload.Frequency: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
GSM/ EDGE Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, 2×2 MIMO, up to 300 Mbit/s (2,4 GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2X2 MIMO, up to 300 Mbit/s (2,4 or 5 GHz), Repeater model available
Battery Inserted battery, 3000 mAh, working for  10 hours Removable battery, 1780 mAh, up to 6 hours working time
Interfaces Micro USB, Micro SD, 1 external Antenna( TS-9 connector) Micro USB, Micro SD, 2 external Antenna (TS-9 connector)
Dimensions and weight 107 x 66 x 16 mm, 160 g 99 x 62 x 14 mm, 130 g
Release In Quarter 4. 2012 In Quarter 4. 2013
    For users who usually use their mobile LTE router in stationary, an external antenna can be useful. Here is important to note that only the Huawei E5372 has the necessary connections for the two MIMO technologies. The Huawei E5776 only has one TS-9 connector and is suitable only for UMTS antennas. Conclusion You decide which device ultimately, is a matter of taste. The Huawei E5776 has the advantage of significantly more powerful battery while the Huawei E5372 is technically more powerful in data transmission. At the main component, i.e. the modem, but both devices are absolutely equivalent and well equipped for the future. More detailed information on the two devices you can get in the next article about test for the Huawei E5776 and Huawei E5372. Good to know: the Huawei E5776 mini is also available as a telecom Speedbox LTE, it costs a little less, but also slightly different frequency bands. Also the Huawei E5372 is cheaper available under a different name: Vodafone sold the unit from the 4th Quarter of 2013 under the name of R215 in its stores, also the frequency bands differ marginally from the original device.