Sunday, August 28, 2016

Netgear AirCard 785S 4G Mobile Router Review

If you need the Internet to work or surf on the road, there are many mobile hotspots available now to provide good solution. We've put Netgear AirCard 785S to the test in recent weeks. The portable WiFi hotspot for 4G Internet is useful for all our connected devices and keeps working a whole day without any trouble.


Netgear Aircard 785s (1)


Small (11 x 7 x 1.4 cm) and lightweight (125 grams including battery), fits easily in a pocket. The whole body of Aircard 785 is made of high quality plastic and is extremely easy to use as it has only two buttons: ON/OFF to switch on and switch off the router, and a navigation button to scroll through a few simple options that can be activated directly from the device without interfacing through smartphone apps or web panel. There is in fact a small LCD display (3.5 x 3 cm), which focuses on all the key data and allows you to choose between different modes for use with a few clicks.


Netgear Aircard 785s (4)


At the opposite edge to that where we find the two buttons, the microUSB input are located for charging the lithium battery of 2,000 mAh (removable) and two sockets for connecting external antennas, available separately and useful - but not essential as we will demonstrate through our testing - to increase the power and reach of the signal. The back cover is removable and there is the microSIM slot below the cover.


Netgear Aircard 785s (8)




On the LCD screen of Netgear Aircard 785, usage data, WiFi name and the WiFi password are shown. This means that those who are nearby and peers on the screen can potentially find out the password to access and leverage your data plan. Since the information on the screen cannot be hidden in any way, and whereas power on, the screen will remain active for 30 seconds (default timeout is 1 minute), it is perhaps advisable to turn the router while using in public places.


Netgear Aircard 785s (9)


In addition to this information, the Netgear AC785S screen will also show some icons, specifically the classic 5 bars that just like on mobile phones, shows the signal strength; 3G/4G symbol to know at a glance the type of network to which you are supporting; the WiFi symbol with a number overlay that represents the number of connected devices; the two arrows to learn about the data transmission activity in real time; any envelope to indicate the presence of unread messages; and the battery indicator.




In our view, the lower portion of the display, if configured, allows you to monitor your data consumption in practice. If you're using a monthly subscription, you can select the day when you renew your subscription and know at a glance and in real time the precise GB consumed from day one.


Netgear Aircard 785s (5)




Inserted the SIM card into the Aircard 785s, connected the battery and close the cover, it just has to turn on the router by pressing the ON/OFF button for a few seconds. In just around 10 seconds, it will be immediately ready and connected to the Internet. Unlike the successor Netgear Aircard 790, the aircard 785s can't be operated via screen. At first, it is advisable to change the default password for your Netgear 785 Mobile WiFi, thus making sure that no other device in the vicinity can connect to the network and use their data subscription. To configure the router, you must first connect to it with a device via WiFi. At that point, you can follow two paths: you can download the application Netgear Aircard App to your smartphone or through any browser (including mobile), go to the address http: //netgear.aircard/.


Netgear Aircard 785s HOTSPOT


Then you log in to the administrator panel. The default password is "password" and, like that of WiFi, it is advisable to change it from the first access so as to prevent connected users to do the settings.   We tried both systems and we preferred access via the web panel, which we thought was immediately simple and straightforward. The application interface, on our iPhone 6 Plus, it is not optimized for this display appears overly large, but it works without problems and offers quick access to all the desired functions.  


Netgear Aircard 785s (2)


Functions and settings of the router


In addition to changing passwords for the Netgear AC785 Aircard, access to the panel can be useful for reading text messages without having to remove the SIM card to insert it into a cell. Experts can also customize every detail, however, in our tests we have found that in fact, the system automatically recognizes the card operator and set the correct parameters automatically.    


From the 785s aircard Settings panel, you can select the language, choose the screen brightness and display timeout, enable or disable the LED indicator and decide after how many minutes/hours of downtime the router can automatically turn off WiFi to save battery. You can also export all configurations jack to a file so that, as a result of a possible recovery, you can re-import them with a click without having to again lose time sifting through the various panels. We enclose a photo gallery where you can take a look at all the functions accessible via the web panel.  


Netgear Aircard 785s (10)


Field tests


We used the Netgear 785s router every day for more than a month, and when connect MacBook, two iPhones and an iPad simultaneously, we didn’t ever encounter any problems. The connection to the Aircard 785 was always stable and high performance, even when the router was located on the opposite side of our small apartment. We have also tried the external antennas, but only with router and no extra accessories, about 15 meters away and with two walls to separate the connected devices, the testing terminals had continued to function without too much trouble. Specifically, the reception of the WiFi signal was obviously weaker, the response in navigation proved slightly slower but still quite functional and useful to allow us to work smoothly.


Netgear Aircard 785s


  The optimal working condition on Mac was in the same room without walls to separate them, even at more than 5 meters away. Here, the reception is always optimal, and thanks to 4G connectivity guaranteed by our membership, on many occasions, the speed through Netgear 785 aircard is even faster than the ADSL line of our house.    


Netgear Aircard 785s (3)




The Netgear AirCard 785S provides the most convenient solutions to have a 4G hotspot in your pocket and connect all mobile devices. And it’s the ideal choice for those who must work on the computer while traveling, for those who are on vacation and want to offer Internet to the whole family, but also for those who have a WiFi iPad and do not want or cannot take advantage of the hotspot mode for iPhone to connect to the Internet.  


Among the Aircard 785s features, we liked the most is the Guest mode that can be activated directly from the router with a few clicks by the instructions on the screen. In practice, the Guest WiFi can offer temporary access to the Internet for a friend without telling your master password. The Aircad 785s is really recommended for your mobile network partner!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Samsung Presents New Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

A few days ago, Samsung introduced its flagship smartphone the Galaxy Note 7 for the second half of 2016. Since the predecessor Galaxy Note 5 and Note Edge have been available for only short time, the Note 7 is finally again officially available in many markets. The Galaxy Note 6 will not be seen, Samsung skips these numbers for the same name for the Galaxy A and C series. Technically, users can get the Galaxy Note 7 at modern features, for example, a high-quality camera, an iris scanner, a fast processor and a very large internal memory. The display is rounded off to both sides.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (1)



Galaxy Note 7 with edge display


The display size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is just 5.7 inches, and is slightly rounded down at the sides, as you already know it from the Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S7 edge ago.


The resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels and is the same to the predecessor models. A version with a flat display does not exist. The body of Galaxy Note 7 consists of both front and rear glass and is protected against dust and splash, and Samsung has made the Note 7 on the certify IP68. The back camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 triggers with 12 megapixels. This is a rather low resolution comparatively with the Galaxy S7, but in Note 7, the Dual Pixel technology is used, which is particularly sensitive to light and therefore to take good pictures in low light conditions.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2)


Battery and USB Type C

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery is 3,500 mAh strong and not replaceable by the user, because the battery is permanently installed in the smartphone. For recharging and connection to the computer and other devices, a USB Type C port is used for the first time while in previous Samsung device, there was Micro USB. Of course again, a pen for operation and for drawing, can be recessed into the smartphone.


Galaxy Note 7 (1)



Installed iris scanners

It’s the first time for Samsung smartphone to install an iris scanner. A fingerprint sensor is also built, which should be able to easily unlock the Galaxy Note 7. But security should be much better at Iris scanner. Here we should wait the first user’s report about whether the response is really as fast, simple and reliable as Samsung promises.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (3)



LTE Advanced cat12


Samsung has the Galaxy Note 7 equipped with a modern chipset, a 64-bit Exynos comes with eight-core processor for use, and the 6 gigabytes RAM are available. The internal memory of 64 gigabytes is available and expandable up to 256GB, which is the largest available microSD currently.  


The modem in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may support LTE with up to 600 megabits per second in the downlink (LTE Advanced cat12). This is made ​​possible by bundling up to 3 frequency ranges (3CA). In Germany, Vodafone has recently launched LTE CAT9 with 3CA at up to 375 Mbit/s possible. Of course, the modem is also backward compatible with older LTE categories and UMTS & GSM in Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Moreover, voice telephone (VoLTE) is also supported.


Galaxy Note 7 (2)


Available From September

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available soon in Europe and Asia markets. We suppose the retail price is significantly more than that of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. But the price will be available when it’s presented to public. You will see the price on in near future.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Huawei E5351 3G 42Mbps Mobile WiFi Hotspot Review

We had introduced the Huawei E5151 pocket WiFi years ago, which is a 3G mobile WiFi router supporting download speed to 21Mbps and the most important feature of this pocket WiFi is that the E5151 has a port for LAN/WAN, which could connect with an Ethernet cable to get or share internet connection. At that time, some customers were wondering if there is newer model which could support higher speed connection, i.e. download speed is faster than 21Mbps.


Huawei E5351 E5351s-2


Actually, we had introduced the latest Huawei E5770 mobile WiFi Pro, which has LAN/WAN ports and supports download speed to 150Mbps on LTE Category 4 technology. And the Huawei E5770 has large battery of 5200mAh, which not only keeps itself long time working, but also works like a mobile power bank to charge other electronics such as smartphone or tablets. However, many customers said the price of Huawei E5770 is a little bit high; it’s not a budget pocket router. Really, it’s a high-end partner for wireless connection.


Huawei E5351 E5351s-2


Today, we will introduce another new mobile pocket router. The model number is Huawei E5351. It’s still a 3G mobile router and upgraded from huawei E5151 MiFi. From the appearance, we can see the Huawei E5351 is very similar to Huawei E5151, they both have a port for an Ethernet cable and USB interface. The LED indicators on the front and back logs are almost the same.


Huawei E5351 E5351s-2


  The battery capacity of E5351 MiFi is still the same to E5151, only 1500mAh. For most users, it’s not enough for common use. The lucky thing is the battery can be removable, so if there is a spare battery or mobile power bank, it would be OK to use for long time. From this point, we would recommend the Huawei E5770 with large battery; users don’t worry about the power off when working with E5770.


Huawei E5351 E5351s-2


The key features of Huawei E5351 are listed below (same to E5151):

  1. Provide wireless internet connection through WiFi from the Ethernet cable
  2. Provide wireless internet connection through WiFi from the inserted SIM card
  3. Provide internet connection through Ethernet cable from inserted SIM card


The SIM card slot of Huawei E5351 is for a standard 6-pin SIM card, which is the same to E5151. But there is no slot for Micro SD card. The most important features should be the improvement of the wireless data transmission speed. Huawei E5351 could support almost double speed of that of E5151. With 3G DC-HSPA+ technology, Huawei E5351 could achieve peak download speed to 42Mbps while E5151 only support speed to 21Mbps. Like E5151, up to 10 wireless devices could access internet through Huawei E5351.


Huawei E5351 E5351s-2


In all, Huawei E5351 is a powerful mobile pocket router for traveling or business trip. It provides more option for wireless internet connection. But if you don’t need the LAN port, you may try other budget Huawei mobile WiFi hotspots options such as Huawei E587 or E5730s, which has good performance for internet connection.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Huawei Hilink CarFi E8377 LTE Hotspot for a Car

We all know Huawei mobile WiFi hotspot are dominating the mobile world for wireless networking. Now, Huawei introduced a mobile hotspot HiLink Carfì (E8377) for the car, which is operated directly by the cigarette lighter. The small adapter supports LTE Category 4 and enables downloads at up to 150 Mbit/s and uploads of up to 50 Mbit/s through only a valid SIM card. Up to ten devices can connect to the HiLink Carfì and get access to the Internet. The network, which builds from the adapter, can protect what should provide the necessary security in the wireless network via WEP, WPA or WPA2.



The HiLink Carfì for the car draws its power from the cigarette lighter. Alternatively, it has a 1900 mAh built-in battery. The device consumes less than 20 watts, according to Huawei and should therefore be energy efficient and hardly pollute the car battery. In addition, the HiLink Carfì has a USB port, allowing it in to charge other devices such as smartphones or tablets while driving. An integrated protective function should ensure the regulation of the temperature of the adapter and so prevent overheating.



The Huawei E8377 CarFi can be operated on 'Mobile WiFi' app, available for both Android and iOS. The configuration can be done via this application. The stick has dimensions of 59 x 49 x 88 millimeters and weighs less than 50 grams. According to the manufacturer, the adapter material for the car is made by such as carbon fiber or wood.



At Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona from 2nd to 5th March 2015, Huawei had presented the HiLink Carfì to public. It’s a big demand for the cars to get access to internet and with other devices. Huawei had seen this demand and the Huawei CarFi is created. Huawei has set the retail price on the HiLink Carfì. For the operation of the adapter, a micro-SIM card with data plan booked is necessary, which is not included with the Hilink CarFi.



Besides HiLink Carfì, we expect at the MWC in Barcelona even more new devices from Huawei. Here now, the Huawei Hilink CarFi and other terminals are available at Huawei had also presents many USB WiFi dongles(called Wingle) to the markets, such as Huawei E8372 and E8278, they can be used through USB ports or with mobile power bank. But if the car charger with USB adapter, they can also connect to a car and keep working. But comparing the Huawei Wingle, Huawei E8377 Hilink CarFi is more suitable to work directly with a car. It’s a perfect solution for wireless network in a car for traveling or outdoor activities.




Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Huawei E5170 LTE Cat4 Cube Review

Huawei had a series of web cube for wireless networks at home. The wireless cube looks like a nice furniture rather than a wireless gateway. We had introduced the Webcube B153(7.2Mbps), Webcube B183(21Mbps), Huawei E8259 Speed box(42Mbps) before. Now we have a new 4G/LTE Speed box/Cube E5170.


HUAWEI E5170S-22 LTE CPE (6)


Huawei E5170 is a powerful LTE (4G) router. The device is a combination of fixed and mobile router, supporting a top speed of up to 150 Mbit/s for downloads (on LTE 4G). Huawei e5170 Home Net Box is one of the fastest wireless routers available in the market.


HUAWEI E5170S-22 LTE CPE (3)


Built with a rechargeable battery and docking station, Huawei E5170 Home Net Box basically consists of two parts: the current router with integrated modem and wireless module for up to 32 wireless devices, as well as a docking station that provides the router with power and also contains an RJ45 Ethernet LAN interface connection.  The special feature is the built-in battery for Huawei E5170, which allows wireless operation for up to 2.5 hours without docking stations, as expected, the E5170 cube could be working like a 4G mobile pocket router.




The configuration is usually through a web interface, so that the browser of any terminals can do the setup. Configuration through the application of Huawei Mobile WiFi is also possible.  Huawei E5170 speed Box integrates a fast LTE modem which his supports GSM, UMTS and LTE cellular standards. In the fourth generation, wireless network could reach up to 150 Mbit/s for downloads and up to 50 Mbit/s for uploads due to the use of LTE Category 4 technology. Using UMTS, the maximum speed for downloads could achieve 42.2Mbit/s provided the network is equipped with DC-HSPA+ technology.




If coverage is poor, Huawei E5170 LTE Cube has two external antenna connectors for LTE or UMTS. The connection would be much more useful for computers, tablets and other devices via Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and browsing speed could reach up to 300 Mbit/s, unfortunately, neither the 5 GHz band nor fast Gigabit 802.11ac Wi-Fi is supported.


HUAWEI E5170S-22 LTE CPE (2)


Below are the technical specifications for Huawei E5170s-22 LTE Cube:  

* Support LTE FDD/TDD/UMTS/GSM networks

- 4G FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz

- 3G UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100 MHz

- 2G 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

* LTE Category 4 wireless gateway

* DL 150Mbps / 50Mbps UL @ 20MHz (FDD)

* 112Mbps DL / UL 10Mpbs @ 20MHz (TDD)

* Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

* Support up to 32 wireless devices

* 2 x Antenna interface

* 1 x RJ-45 interface (> 150Mbps) on cradle

* 1500mAh battery (optional)

* Support IPV6

* Support Windows XP/VISTA/7/8, Mac  


Actually, Huawei also release Huawei E5180 Speed cube for LTE networks. But Huawei E5180 has larger dimensions than E5170 and without inserted battery. If you want to know more about E5180, welcome to click here:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Netgear AirCard 785s Mobile LTE Router Test

The Netgear AirCard 785s is a small mobile LTE hotspot router, which could be used on holiday or traveling. With the Aircard 785s, smartphones and tablets as well as laptops can easily connect to the Internet. Up to 15 wireless-enabled devices can be powered via the AC785S LTE router to the Internet. We have subjected the Aircard 785s on the road to a test. The device is simultaneously dual-band and WLAN n-capable .Per LTE Cat. 4, the speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s are supported in the downstream.  


Netgear Aircard 785s front screen and logo


Netgear Aircard 785s comes with the dimensions 109.9 x 68.9 x 14.6 millimeters and weighing 127 grams, and is therefore compact and lightweight. The processing of the mobile hotspot is impeccable, we found no sharp edges. In addition, the design is appealing: Because on the front is a triangular design element installed, behind which the rectangular display hides. While Netgear sets the front and back of the AirCard 785s in the color of black, the plastic frame is kept in metal optics. The back cover is removable, so as the battery of 2000 mAh capacity, which covers the SIM card slot. Inserting the SIM card was smooth, but the removal is not easy due to the design. We also spend more power than expected when removing the battery. On the lower side a respective antenna connectors are left and right integrated. In the middle of antenna connectors, the Micro-USB port is located.


netgear aircard 785s back logo


Installation and Setup  


After the SIM card plugged into Aircard 785s, we first had to connect the device to a power source, so that we could start the mobile hotspot, because the AC785S came with an empty battery. Then the user has to select the language via the display. The menu navigation is not via touch screen, but with two buttons that are located on the upper side of the frame (facing the display). While the left button works for the confirmation of entry, as the on and off button is the right button to navigate to the next item. Note: If you inserted a different micro-SIM card into the device, the mobile hotspot from Netgear must be restarted.  


Netgear Aircard 785s power button


So runs the Aircard 785s: First of all, WiFi in the smartphone or laptop must be enabled and are searching for the Netgear hotspot on the device. This shows then NTGRFAC6. The network generated is then selected and Security Key must be entered, which is displayed on the display of the Netgear 785s, also named password of the LTE router. The device worked without problems in our test and is likely to be implemented quickly for everyone. Further settings and configuration of the router can be done via the website http://netgear.aircard. Here, the user must first enter the password, and then change it by dashboard (under the "Private"), where user can overview a complete of the connected devices, the monthly usage, the wireless information and the current wireless session.


Netgear Aircard 785s antenna ports


Overall user interface for the various settings in the 785 Aircard router is designed very clear and easy to understand. The design is simple and not too cluttered. In the menu, "WLAN" can be edited under "Connect" the main and secondary wireless network. The master and guest WLAN can be configured under "Options". Here the encryption, the 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz frequency band and the number of allowable WLAN devices are adjustable. Users will have the ability to assign a certain number of devices the master and guest Wi-Fi. The final point is the Mac filter mode: Here appliances a blacklist or whitelist or no list can be assigned.


netgear aircard 785s external antenna connector


  Under the general "settings", the user can define, for example, the screen brightness, the screen circuit hotspot LED, hibernation and the language for the 785S LTE router. In addition to the instrument settings to place the item "software and resetting": Here you can restore the settings and retrieve software updates. The menu item "Network" provides additional settings for network mode, APN, the SIM card security and more status details. The last point is "router", where the user is able, UPnP on or off, set up a port forwarding or port filtering.


Netgear Aircard 785s with battery


If you want to configure the Aircard 785 by phone or tablet, you need install a suitable app from the respective iOS or Android Store, alternatively via the website The Aircard app offers a quick way to change the settings and has a good menu structure.  


Display and status indicator  


Over the 4.5-centimeter screen of Netgear AC785S, the user can see the status information for 4G/3G network, the wireless connection, the battery life and can set up basic wireless configurations and set an alarm and notification function. However, user may not expect too much from the screen resolution. On the LCD screen, at the top of the display, it indicates signal strength, 4G, data transfer and the wireless network. Among the current battery status, it also indicates the number of users connected to the mobile hotspot AC785S and the status of the consumed data volume.


Netgear Aircard 785s with smartphone


Right above the display, the LED status is visible. Through a slow flash of blue light, that is signaled. When data is being transferred, then the blue light will flash twice. A slow, yellow light signals, it means the user that the internet is still not connected to any network.  


First experiences in operation  


In operation, the Netgear AirCard 785s looks good and comes on a single charge for about 6 hours and 30 minutes in our test. And the Aircard 785 can keep continuous operation of a battery life of up to 8 hours. The posting the individual devices via the LTE router worked fine and fast. The assignment of the number of connected devices has been well implemented by the netgear 785s in our test. According to the Netgear official specs, it could support up to 15 wireelss devices, we tested only 10 users. Nevertheless, it is still a useful companion in the mobile LTE router. Especially on holiday or at a meeting in the park with a few friends, the Aircard 785 has proven to be extremely helpful in our testing.  


Netgear Aircard 785 package contents




The small mobile LTE router Netgear AirCard 785s has a nice design and is easy to configure via a web browser or via app for iOS, Android and Amazon devices. However, the display cannot be operated by finger touch. In addition, a battery with more capacity would be desirable, especially for users who travel a lot, are on vacation at the beach or professionally have multiple wireless devices in his luggage. Anyhow, it’s good pocket WiFi router for 4G networks.   Actually, here now there are newer models available with touch screen such as Netgear Aircard 790s and Aircard 810s with larger battery. They have better specifications and performance. If you want the latest models, welcome to check here:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Huawei Prime E5878 4G Mobile Router

The Huawei Prime LTE Hotspot was presented last year by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. And the specific model number is E5878. It was first available for the network provider EE in United Kingdom. The Huawei Prime supports both UMTS/HSPA+ and LTE cat.4, and enables data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s in the downlink and up to 50 Mbit/s upstream. Up to 10 users can connect to the device wirelessly. The wireless standards 802.11b/g/n are supported. The Huawei Prime is equipped with a built-in 1900 mAh battery, which could last up to eight hours in full operation or up to 380 hours in standby. The operation could be done via the free app "Mobile WiFi" from Huawei.


Huawei E5878 Prime


The Huawei Prime Mobile WiFi E5878 is the thinnest LTE hotspot with a thickness of 7.5 millimeters according to the manufacturer. The Huawei E5878 Prime provides connectivity for up to ten mobile devices. It supports LTE cat.4 and download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. Two integrated antennas should allow a more stable connection but there is no connector for external antenna. Inside the LTE hotspots, it’s working on a HiSilicon A9 dual-core chipset. The integrated 1900 mAh battery keeps Huawei E5878 working up to eight hours in LTE mode or 380 hours in standby mode.




Aluminum body and micro-USB port


The aluminum body of the Huawei Prime E5878 has dimensions of 109.5 x 58 x 7.5 millimeters. Due to its size, it fits in a pocket and can therefore be easily carried. By applying a nano-molding technology, the device is to be particularly stable.  


On the front panel, there is a 0.96-inch display, which indicates how many devices are currently connected to the Huawei E5878 Prime, the number of messages transmitted and the sent & received data amount. Using the ‘Huawei Mobile WiFi’ app then further information can be queried via the smartphone and functions are exercised. Another connection option is also offered through connection the micro-USB connector on the bottom of the LTE hotspots to a PC. Here over the battery of Huawei Prime can also be charged when connecting a PC.


Huawei-Prime-E5878-4G-Portable router


The Huawei Mobile WiFi E5878 Prime should be already commercially available in the colors black and white. Other color variations are also been found on specific market. If you want to know more information about Huawei Prime E5878 and buy this LTE hotspot, welcome to check .  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Netgear Aircard 810 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

Mobile LTE hotspots are currently very popular and are increasingly replacing LTE sticks: The hotspots offer fast, comfortable internet access and can be used universally with all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The fastest mobile LTE router we has tested is Aircard 790, which have been able to reach around 300 Mbit/s downstream, based on LTE Category 6 technology. Here we have a new 4G mobile Hotspot announced, which offer significantly faster speeds than Netgear AC790S. Netgear has the AirCard 810 now, which is the world's first hotspot to allow download up to 600 MBit/s.


Netgear aircard 810s front



World's fastest LTE modem


The Netgear AirCard 810 hotspot has an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 modem, which supports LTE category 11 with speeds up to 600 Mbit/s downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s upstream. The high data rate is possible by triple channel bonding, up to 60 megahertz radio spectrum, the hotspot simultaneously also use in the downlink. In the test, only 2 x 20 MHz frequency was tested bundling. In the network of Vodafone, the speed could reach around 220 Mbit/s. In any case, the Netgear AirCard 810 is equipped for the future of the mobile Internet. Package In the package box, there is a small Quick Start Guide, a charger, USB Micro-USB port, the lithium-ion battery and AC adapter. And of course, there is the Netgear Aircard 810 hotspot.


netgear aircard 810 package content



Only UMTS and LTE, no GSM


Although Netgear AirCard 810 Hotspot has a very fast LTE modem, but deactivates the GSM function at the same time. The GSM/2G network for mobile surfing is anyway hardly or not suitable, but some users should miss the data services from GPRS and EDGE. Why Netgear has GSM-disabled is not entirely clear, for most users, the limitation of GSM network is probably due to successful UMTS and LTE network expansion.



Touchscreen operation


The Netgear AirCard 810 LTE router is equipped with a 2.4-inch touchscreen display, which will show important information for device status and can be also used for configuration like the predecessor Aircard 790. The display reacts quickly and reliably, and the menu system is easy to understand. Most functions can be selected via the display, only very few settings is needed to do via the web interface, which can be opened from any browser.


netgear AC810S home


On the home screen, all the important information such as call duration, data volume and number of wireless users are displayed. On request, the wireless password will be displayed. The display brightness can be adjusted in three stages, as well as the duration of the illumination. Normally the display goes a few seconds after the last touch by itself, to save energy. A bright LED on the front shows the signals and the connection status on the display.


Dual Band WLAN with repeater function


Netgear AirCard 810 can provide an Internet connection for up to 15 devices simultaneously via WLAN. Another device can be connected via USB cable. The maximum LTE speed could be gained when connected computer supports USB 3.0. A suitable cable is supplied with the device; this is also used to recharge the battery simultaneously.


Netgear Aircard 810s sim slot


Netgear 810s uses a wireless modern dual band AC module that can spark both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The maximum speed is fast enough based on WLAN 802.11ac. The wireless transmission power can be controlled in three steps and convinced in the test by a good range. However, External wireless antennas were not connected, so that one is dependent on the integrated antennas in the device. On request, it is open for the user to create a guest Wi-Fi with a separate username and password. Particularly impressive was the wireless repeater function in the test. This allows Internet access over existing wireless networks instead of cellular. So you can give the Netgear AirCard 810 as the wireless access from home DSL router or the hotel Wi-Fi and soon a known WLAN is within range, it will be used for Internet access. The function is particularly interesting for those users who do not have an unlimited data plan, but must extend the WiFi coverage range.


Netgear Aircard 810s Antenna connectors



Connectors for external LTE antenna


At the side of the Netgear Aircard 810, there are two TS-9 connectors available for external LTE antenna. The ports are each protected with a stable sliding mechanism against dust and dirt. Although the receive and transmit performance of the AirCard 810 is very good even without an external antenna, but particularly in the stationary use in fringe areas, such antenna of great advantage is also necessary at some time. Below is the external antenna for 4G LTE networks to recommend:

35dbi 4G Antenna with dual TS-9 connector antenna



Powerful battery

The Netgear AirCard 810 battery is 2,970 mAh strong and provides an operating time of about 11 hours in the LTE network. If that is not sufficient, user can easily purchase one or more replacement batteries, because the battery is easily replaceable in seconds, which is a big advantage over many other LTE hotspots with permanently installed batteries. The Netgear AirCard 810 router even allows you to charge other mobile devices with built-in battery and the supplied adapter cable. This "Jump Boost" function allows the rapid reloading of a smartphone.


netgear aircard 810 package box


Since the Netgear Aircard 810s is the latest new with the future-proof technology, the price is not cheap now, but considering the performance offered by the device, the aircard 810 is worth the price. Anyone looking for a top current mobile LTE hotspot with fast WLAN and sophisticated touch-screen operation, should not miss AirCard 810. Alternatively, the similar models Netgear Aircard 790s, Huawei E5786 and Huawei E5787 have cheaper price, but offer "only" 300 MBit/s LTE, which could be considered for lower budget.    

Monday, August 1, 2016

Netgear Aircard 790s 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

Netgear has now three different mobile LTE routers for the network providers in Europe, making it become a serious contender for the top dogs Huawei and ZTE. The latest model with the name AirCard 790 dominates LTE Category 6 (CAT6) and can reach speeds of up to 300 MBit/s download. Operation is via a large, color touch screen and the battery is even used for charging other devices. How does the Aircard 790 perform in practice, you will find from  


Netgear Aircard AC790S (3)




The Netgear AirCard 790 router is supplied in a small cardboard box along with a power adapter and a USB cable. The USB cable can be used to charge the battery and to connect to a computer. In addition, there may be a user manual in different language to guide users how to do the simple settings in Netgear AC790 for internet connection.    


The body of the Netgear AirCard 790 is made ​​entirely of plastic in order to achieve the best possible optical outputs and inputs. The surface of the body is matt and feels high-quality, the workmanship is very good. The flaps on the side antenna connectors (TS-9) make a good impression. The back can be easily removed to change the battery and the SIM card. This feature is better than other brand models such as Huawei E5786 and ZTE MF970, whose batteries are built-in, user can’t remove them for change.


Netgear Aircard AC790S (2)



First LTE Cat6 hotspot with touchscreen

Many mobile LTE routers have a small display on the front, which shows the most important information clearly. On AirCard 790 Hotspot, the manufacturer Netgear has gone one step further and has integrated a large touch screen in the unit, the operation can be done via the scrren like on a smartphone. The display is 2.4 inches in size, bright and easy to read. Thanks to the large icons and clear labels, it’s simple to operate the 790 Aircard for everyone. The functions are quite extensive: There are statistics about data usage and online time, and as needed user can setup the volume limit of its own tariff and be alerted at certain boundaries. Of course there is also the on or off option for data roaming abroad and if necessary, user can link data by entering the APN and password, if the Netgear 790 does not automatically detect.


Netgear Aircard AC790S (5)


Regarding the operation via touch scrren, it is an improvement over devices which can also be controlled via web interface; users can do more deep settings from the web interface.


Aircard 790s-settings-router-port forwarding



LTE Cat. 6 with 300 MBit/s

The Netgear AirCard 790 Router achieved at speeds up to 300 Mbit/s downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s upstream in LTE network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is made ​​possible by the integrated LTE Advanced Cat. 6 modem from Qualcomm, which additionally supports UMTS with DC-HSPA+. GSM and EDGE cannot be reached by Netgear AirCard 790, which is still a bit strange, since all the other hotspots on the market support the 2G network. On the other hand, it did not bother the test because stable and fast surfing anyway are possible only with UMTS and LTE and the network extension by now is quite good.


Netgear Aircard AC790S (1)


In the test, we use the SIM cards from Vodafone and Telekom, which were released in each case for the fastest speed. The Netgear AirCard 790 Router reaching speeds of just over 200 Mbit/s in download and up to 44 Mbit/s upstream. But the usual data rates were between 50 and 120 Mbit/s. The latency times were between 20 and 40 milliseconds (depending on the test server).  


Netgear Aircard 790s Network-APN ADD



Dual Band Wireless AC

Up to 15 devices could connect with Netgear AC790 router via wireless internet; the maximum unit number can also be set lower in the settings. Thus, the high LTE speeds can also be used at the connected devices, and the latest WLAN AC standard available. This delivers speeds up to 1200 Mbit/s in the frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. On request it is also possible to open a guest network, which is then provided with its own name and its own password and is separate from the main Wi-Fi. A wireless extender or wireless repeater is installed in some Huawei LTE hotspots such as similar model E5786, but this function is not available in Netgear AirCard 790, which is one of the few weaknesses compared to the competition.


Netgear Aircard AC790S (4)



Connectors for external antenna

If reception is poor and slow speeds, it may be useful to an external LTE antenna to connect to the Netgear AirCard 790 hotspot. These are two sides of TS-9 connectors are available, which are protected by a flap against dust. An LTE antenna was tested with the Aircard 790 and the speeds is even double in rural areas sometimes, for example, in caravans or campers, an external antenna may be necessary to connect stable and quickly. Below is the tested 4G/3G antenna and easy to take with the device:


4G LTE Indoor Antenna (2 x TS-9 Connectors) for Huawei/ZTE 4G LTE Modems/dongles/mobile hotspots


You can buy the antenna above from here:    


Strong Battery with Power Bank Function


The battery in the Netgear AirCard 790 router is about 3,000 mAh strong and can be easily exchanged by the user, which is a positive exception compared to similar models. The operating time is lasting approximately 10 to 11 hours, taking into account factors such as reception level, frequency of cell change and number of connected devices, which can significantly affect battery life. A special feature is the so-called Power Bank Function: With the supplied USB cable, other devices such as Smartphones can be charged via the Netgear AirCard 790 Battery. This is ideal, for example, when the phone battery is empty, you would like to make a call and needs only to reload short.


Network Preferences-network mode




In our opinion, the Netgear AirCard 790 LTE Hotspot currently is one of the best mobile routers in 2016. The device offers all important functions, has a fast LTE Advanced Cat. 6 Modem and can be operated comfortably via touch screen. The battery life is very good and can connect, if required, an external LTE antenna to improve the speed. With around 280 USD (as of April 2016), you will definitely get a future-proof device. Here now, there is unlocked Aircard AC790S available on With the unlocked aircard 790S, you can use any network providers’ SIM without any limit. So it’s a good partner to take for overseas travelling or business.